Friday, 25 January 2008

The kite festival

my kite

OK, so boring Saturday we just finished theory internals the hostel is like empty. The entire ground floor is deserted, theres absolutely nothing on TV, my roommate and me are just sitting around...

So what do we decide to do?

The kite festival!

She thought I was joking, come on its so far away you can't be serious and stuff.

In the end I pushed two girls outta the hostel with me and we all set out to watch the kite festival.

The international kite festival was on this beach called panambur, really far away from where we stay so we took an hour or so to get there. It was nice. The beach is nice and big the sand is pretty fine so we all took out sandals off put it in my bag and set off towards the shops. The nice thing about those shops there is that the sand from the ocean just comes into the shops so the floor is nice fine white sand which really feels good in between your toes. We bought a couple of these shell trinkets they usually sell. Then we saw that they were actually selling some of these kites for the rest of us to fly. I decided I wanted to fly one too. So we bought a kite, took it out to the beach and flew it . It was pretty exciting, we all felt like little kids flying kites on the beach. Running away from people who were trying to cut out kites!

Finally I just sat down in the sand watching the kite festival from afar. Supposedly each kite took like eight to ten man hours to make and they were so beautiful, birds,dragons depictions etc etc people from different countries like Belgium, Italy, Korea,China ,Us, Australia had come to fly kites. It looked pretty amazing. The whole sky with different shapes and sizes of kites.

In the end we were tired and decided to head back. Kites in hand, reliving those childhood memories of flying kites! Now that kite hangs in my room reminding me everyday that the kid is still inside me and that simple things like kites and sunny windy afternoons at beaches could bring it out!

the biggest kite

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The bleeders room

So its new years eve and as my previous post said... I get extremely depressed thinking about what I've really done this year. So ya I'm sitting in my friends room as usual lost. All of a sudden she gets a call from Nikhil. B positive blood needed. Someone who hasn't had a vaccination in the last fifteen days. Our entire class got vaccinated a couple days back. Since I've already got my shots I was spared. So he asks me if I could donate blood. I really dunno what got into me but ya i was all joshed up, maybe I can do something worthwhile for once.
So we rushed to the hospital. Every time I step into that place I think someday I'm gonna be walking in here white coat Dr tag and work here... that hospital really gives me a high. So anyways theres Nikhil- shorts tee. Just got out of the room looks. On the way briefing me on what happened to the guy and why he needs blood and stuff. Supposedly he had a renal failure. We reach the blood bank,
Nikhil: you really ready to do this?
Me: ya
Nikhil: have you had malaria TB or anything?
Nikhil: Have you got drunk in the past 24 hours?
Me: *eyebrow raised*
Nikhil: k just kidding .. fill in the form.

The guy checks my hemoglobin. I notice two rooms in the blood bank the bleeders room, the refreshments room. There were more but those two were the only ones that caught my attention. Some of my friends came along with me... for support as they call it. Curiosity too.
We were sitting and all talking I'm lying down supine on the bed. Guy puts a spighmamanometer into my takes my arm injects this thick needle into me right into my medial cubital vein (don't bother I'm just showing of that I actually studied anatomy). He gives me a sponge and tells me to hold it in a fist that's so that the veins don't collapse.
The whole procedure took like half an hour another classmate came along too. Guess they needed a lot of blood.
It was extremely weird to see a huge thick fat needle sticking out of my arm. Every ones just talking, they said something funny I tried to laugh ha ha ended up saying ouch instead. After that I just listened to the sound of them talking rather than trying to make out what they were saying.
The guy came back in and took the needle off. told me to flex my arm and hold cotton. After a while I was asked to sit up straight. Felt wobbly first but then I was fine. Gave me some apple juice! Yay!
Then I could leave. The patients wife thanked the two of us. So maybe I did do something good. Not a total waste of the year.
Nikhil stops me at the door holds up three fingers and goes "how much am I holding up"
Me: five
Nikhil: ya shes good...