Friday, 15 May 2009

Mess(y) food!

Yes this topic was bound to come up and I was bound to post this.
My mess food sucks ( doesn't everyones?)
but its sucking so bad that I can't even eat more than two bites anymore. Food is depressing. One the bright side I've been losing weight, but more than necessary actually.
And hence I keep running home every month and my mom keeps stuffing me with food when im there.
Some instances why the food is bad
  1. We had bananas and something else for breakfast today. That's OK but then they decide to keep out all the leftover rotten bananas just in case we bother to pick it up and eat it with lunch. Now the lunch is bad... black bananas make it worse.
  2. On a rare occasion what they made was actually pretty good. So you go and tell them its good. After that...
    its never made...
  3. They decided to become a lil adventurous and put a little variety in the food. Spice it up a little. So they go along and name all the dishes. Now the naming process is really funny. Mixed vegetables with some green masala is "vegetable garden" and mixed vegetables in brown masala is navratna kurma. I swear they taste alike except for the colour change.
  4. Pasty, stick to the roof of your mouth idlies with extra diluted watery sambhar anyone?
  5. Have you tried puri's which are as crisp as papaads? Then your missing out on a lot aren't you?
  6. Soya is like some kind of sponge paneer as tough as rubber ... looks like we're eating more than just food.
  7. A year ago I found a cockroach legs with the whole lower torso in my breakfast so where did the rest of the body go? I so don't wanna find out. People have found extremely weird things floating in their food. Insects we can't even recognise and have stopped trying to a long time back .

I've heard they're trying to improve the mess food. Its happened before but then it just ends up going back to its sucky self. And as for me I try to eat but mom you make the best food ever and I totally miss that.