Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Rant

People around me seem to hate the word confrontation..
I mean if u really have a problem come and tell me cuz I'm sooooo sick and tired running after you all the fucking time trying to ask you "Wtf is wrong with u ?! Whats your bloody problem in life!"

But then again doesn't seem worth it, to bring it up even..
and since many if you who are reading this know exactly what I'm talking about.. please do enlighten me as to what is going.. I would sometimes like to know too!

Finally getting my phone back what a relief! Good things do happen when you least expect it.

But apart from all this... the other side is that this term seems to be playing out very interestingly.. I think the word is serendipity, looking for something else but accidentally stumbling on something better... I know it was an accident but I do know your secret now its just a matter of time before the wrong people find out! I know your reading this.... what can i say it was too good to pass up!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

facing extinction

I'm standing on the sidewalk and searching, literally craning my neck, straining my eyes too either see one of those signs that read "local calls,std calls, isd calls, or those yellow little pay phones which use to be around a lot pre-cellphone days.
I realise that life's changed a lot after cellphones came into the picture and I literally dunno what life was like before.
Hmmm hard to imagine right? before text messaging, bluetooths, wasapp ,or even just making a simple call !
Damn it!
After like searching for a while i find one except that I don't have those one rupee coins just a couple of five hundreds and a hundred damn it!
Life is playing some cruel joke on my and laughing so hard the two most soon to be likely extinct things - pay phones and one rupee coins. I finally scrape the bottom of my purse to finally find what feels like those round little things which I seem to be having lesser and lesser of each day.
I take out a piece of paper on which I've scribbled a couple of contacts which I seem to be carrying around in my wallet these days...! damn you nokia! I WANT MY PHONE BACK!

I called the other day to ask whats up with my phone
its apparently under "observation period"! And I thought that was only a term doctors used to assess the progress or diagnose a disease!
I feel like I took my phone for granted all along!
Maybe I should go make up for that with a get well soon card and some flowers. I'm sure it would appreciate that.. maybe