Friday, 4 September 2009

When drunk

I asked a few of my friends "whats the craziest things you guys have done when your drunk?" I got some pretty funny answers

  • lie butt naked on the floor and made friends take pics

  • puke out a really expensive buffet

  • spent an entire night outside a friends house after being chased by cops

  • slapped a professor ( not too hard tho)

  • had unprotected sex

  • did butt rub dance with some girl at a club (she had a nice ass never saw her face)

  • dancing with a DJ at a party giving him a very hard time pulling girls to the dance floor, pulling their caps off and throwing it around or wearing them and displaying so very crazy tribal moves on the dance floor!

  • got totally trashed and came and gave a sem exam thankfully it was multiple choice

  • pissed on a hod's office door

  • put hand on counter and set it on fire

  • kissed not one but two girls (crazy drunk female whose bf forgave her since she was under the influence of intoxicating substances)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The getaway

After walking along the promenade beach in Pondi all I wanna do now is have a house by the beach. Inspired by all the pretty houses there I wanna house by the beach cuz life seems so restful. And with breathtaking views of the Bay and the sun rising over it every morning what else could one ask for.
We went to pondi a few days back cuz all we wanted to do was get out ! At least that's what I wanted. That's what had kept me going for the past five weeks... I'm soon gonna be out of here!
Breakfasts at french restaurants and taking a map and discovering places by ourselves was just so much fun. And then there was shopping. Now I really get what they mean by shop till you drop!
Oh ya and how can I forget... booze is tax free! lol. people actually buy it wholesale!


tommorow I head back to class

Friday, 15 May 2009

Mess(y) food!

Yes this topic was bound to come up and I was bound to post this.
My mess food sucks ( doesn't everyones?)
but its sucking so bad that I can't even eat more than two bites anymore. Food is depressing. One the bright side I've been losing weight, but more than necessary actually.
And hence I keep running home every month and my mom keeps stuffing me with food when im there.
Some instances why the food is bad
  1. We had bananas and something else for breakfast today. That's OK but then they decide to keep out all the leftover rotten bananas just in case we bother to pick it up and eat it with lunch. Now the lunch is bad... black bananas make it worse.
  2. On a rare occasion what they made was actually pretty good. So you go and tell them its good. After that...
    its never made...
  3. They decided to become a lil adventurous and put a little variety in the food. Spice it up a little. So they go along and name all the dishes. Now the naming process is really funny. Mixed vegetables with some green masala is "vegetable garden" and mixed vegetables in brown masala is navratna kurma. I swear they taste alike except for the colour change.
  4. Pasty, stick to the roof of your mouth idlies with extra diluted watery sambhar anyone?
  5. Have you tried puri's which are as crisp as papaads? Then your missing out on a lot aren't you?
  6. Soya is like some kind of sponge paneer as tough as rubber ... looks like we're eating more than just food.
  7. A year ago I found a cockroach legs with the whole lower torso in my breakfast so where did the rest of the body go? I so don't wanna find out. People have found extremely weird things floating in their food. Insects we can't even recognise and have stopped trying to a long time back .

I've heard they're trying to improve the mess food. Its happened before but then it just ends up going back to its sucky self. And as for me I try to eat but mom you make the best food ever and I totally miss that.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The disaster show

The lights are full on. I'm standing centre stage. Alone. Silent.

One minute . Crowd jeers.

Two minutes. The kimono is fricking tight. I can't breathe in it . Crowd starts yelling "chandni chowk to china " , "chinki pinki ponki ", "move it...."

Three minutes . Music hasn't started yet I'm still standing , lights glaring so bad its hurting my eyes. I'm thinking what the fuck is going on? why isn't anything happening?

Four minutes- music finally starts.

OK so I'm moving ahead slowly... walking? rather drifting in the worst on stage nightmare.

Ya I think that's one of the best ways to describe it. The disaster show from hell. Or supposedly our fashion show. An inter batch competition every year in which this is one of the main events and always the grand finale of the week long cultural fest.

If there was any thing that could go wrong it did. Right from the organisation, preparation to synchronization on the ramp... It was utterly trash.

No matter how many times people say is every ones fault there are two people who we'd like to point the finger at . From being lazy, selfish, irritating, irresponsible and utterly disorganised in life these two could easily bag the best pull off of the most disorganised trashy show of the century.

So what went wrong?

Music- oh! ya... we're mixing tracks. Sounds so cool, but wait.. does this guy really know what he's talking about? And when we do ditch this dude on the last day cuz he came with the shittiest music ever which was supposedly "mixed" the only thing he did was put them one after the other. He tells us that iron maiden , mettalica is "classical" rock(wtf?!) Change the music change it before the show starts.

Props - we gonna have lots of life size props outta which people are gonna come out of and walk. Please... weird alien space ships and so called dragons (which looked like it belonged in the dump but found its way on stage) do not constitute props. And the person sitting on the last row of the Audi can so see two guys supporting the props when they aren't even part of the show.

Walk the ramp- So you can walk huh?

Doesn't look like it. No synchro, no waiting for your cue . Nothing .

Some people were so full of themselves that they messed up, some people were just really scared, some people wore pencil point heels and tripped on stage

. They walked on stage and gave each other bewildered looks like "whats next?"

Outfit bloopers- we had it all from the girls in skirts being a lil too short and low waist pants on guys with pubic hair exposure. Someone decided to get their face painted. It dripped on stage everywhere. YUCK!

Someones clothes tore and they bravely walked with that. All the way too.

Curtains closed at the wrong times and the MC couldn't find her way .

All in all it was one huge suck fest.

Better luck next time. Kudos to the wonderful job with the clothes guys sorry we couldn't live up to it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Why u can't be nice

O k maybe i really messed it up this time.
With a person you couldn't always call a friend but she was pretty important and probably a huge chunk of my coll life considering we have to spend almost 6 hours a day at least together.
The thing is it isn't so simple.
At times I really can't stand her but the other times i think shes a nice person . I try to be nice to her but I invariably end up hurting her. Its just that at times she gets on my nerves like by acting super dominating and with the oh I'm so better than you attitude and you can never really be right and if she doesn't know anything its not applicable or relevant in the field of medicine that it really gets to me and pushes me off the edge and I end up doing or saying something completely stupid that she gets unfortunately extra pissed off at. And later I feel like a total idiot.
But she can be a nice person and she is at times sometimes more often than the other side. Which I find really cool. Cuz at times we do share the same interests stuff it would just make it a lot easier if we just got along most of the time...
Not just for us but for everyone.

Monday, 2 February 2009


–noun (used with a plural verb)
1. a state of inactivity or stagnation
2. a dull, listless, depressed mood; low spirits

OK so maybe my year didn't start of as I hoped it would. The first two weeks I was horribly sick. Diarrhea , vomiting, headaches and a bad temperature.
The next two weeks were exams which were unfortunately very sucky.
The next week helloooo 4th term and another week at home which didn't kinda go out as planned cuz I couldn't catch up with a lot of people especially a few I really wanted to meet.
OK maybe I'm exaggerating a bit a few nice things did happen. But still if my life continues to be in this state of stagnation... hmmm not a good thing.
then theres the feeling that im pretty much outdated about everything and everyone. What has my life come to.
Heres to hoping for better days...