Friday, 26 September 2008


I found myself in a situation the other day where I was sitting with two total stranger talking about -MEN . One a house wife and the other a recent MBA graduate we were stuck in a car together and just started talking out of sheer boredom.

The topic just came out of the blue. The two of them started out about how easy it is for a man to manipulate a woman if he just appeals to her emotional side. Haven't we all been a victim to this sometime or the other?

But I just realised it works out both ways. True women are more emotional than men generally are, but this hasn't stopped a lot of guys to give me the line " you played with my feelings" etc etc. All I could say to them was how so?

So most people can't help it when theres emotion involved and no matter how hard we try to put a barrier between places we shouldn't involve the emotional side to get the better of us it usually does.

Which kinda just leaves us against our last defences- but we're only human...

Monday, 1 September 2008


I decided that two holes on each side of my ear are not enough. So I decided to go in for more...
So I went to the place and got my ears pierced twice on each side again. Now I eight piercings in total on both ears.
A lot of people I know where clip ons and stuff. I feel its a bit wussy on their part to sit with five clip ons on each ear! Come on! Grow up and get it pierced! So people do ask the normal questions after you get something pierced like
"Did it hurt?", "Don't you prefer getting it done under anesthesia?", " Can you sleep?" "Cant you just get clip ons? "
To the last question as if!!!
Yes it does hurt, if you do it by gun shot its similar to someone stapling your ear,
And no for the first few days its impossible to sleep on your sides. You gotta sleep supine in a rigor mortis position. You can only take out the earrings they put during the piercing safely only three to four weeks afterwards though. This is to allow the wound to safely heal.

Now I gotta go shop for some rings...