Thursday, 21 June 2007

college, hostel and all that!

OK well, so I'm going to coll this year after all ( i dunno why i added after all but still).
I'm going to college in Mangalore, five and a half years over there after I've spent practically my entire life in Bangalore!
Well to start of with , its gonna be an entirely different setting, the whole med school atmosphere, friends, the weather ( its always warm and humid and raining most of the year there). Then there will be the whole course load which I've heard is a bitch! Gulp.
I heard at times hostel food makes you depressed, and there are times when you would feel crappy by looking at what your eating. But on the more positive side I'm gonna be 18! Time to face the world from my pampered lifestyle at home and life there teaches you a lot of valuable lessons.The guy at the admissions office thought i was meek and small , looked like a kid for my age that's what he said and was like "you sure u can handle life in a hostel?"
I said "yes" in the most confident way possible, then he said" we'll see, you sound so confident now but lets see if you get use to it"
I wanted to ask him "do i have a choice?" Well that's another gulp!
So we're going to see the hostels like a couple of days before college starts and figure out the room arrangements and stuff.
Back in Bangalore when i broke the news to friends , family etc i got a lot of mixed reactions.
Most of my friends were like ".... oh u gonna live away from home , why couldn't you try to get into some college here in Bangalore?"
Some were like "... we're gonna miss you so much so when u giving a farewell party?" ( Ya right!)
Others were like "so how many days left for college to begin..... omg! hardly a month , we gotta start hanging out more often!"

Haven't started shopping as of yet, not even made a list , but I'm sure on the first thing on my list would be baygon cockroach spray. You see I'm so scared of cockroaches that I'm planning to take a couple of bottles of it and exterminate my entire room before moving in. Added to that all the numerous other bug sprays and mosquito repellents!
Planning to go to comm street sometime and but new clothes and stuff , always wanted kholapuri chappals, dunno why but seem to like them even though they don't have any purpose whatsoever.
Other than that at present just hanging out with my friends and collecting and sending all my numerous documents! Such a pain...
And of course enjoying my last few days as a free bird before college literally devours me!


kk said...

there's no need to be so scared, im sure ull get used to hostel life in no time... the food is the only thing people ever complain about, but even that they get used sure ull come to love the freedom and liberty u get in a hostel
and about the course.. its something that u always wanted to do, so u'll definitely manage with ease
dont worrryy

untapped said...

hope so.. really do, but im scared of cockroaches, minor as they may sound, i sooooo freak out

Ajan said...

WOW! I really really really know that feeling.. I came from vizag to do engineering in b'lore..
Hostel life is gud rey...And med col is ok..i don wanna say gud..
and if u notice properly,half your hostel mates will be staying out in apartments or sumthin in 2nd year...
and coll life dont get it again,real turning point in ur life..blah! blah! blah!.. But ur gonna enjoy like hell.. donn worry abt that!! Good luck!
Hav fun.. Keep the blogs commin!!

Amod said...

College life rocks!! Ask those who have just finsihed it. :(

PS- And that nice college is DAIICT, Gandhinagar(Guj)

Viswajyothi Arts Creations said...

gr8, going. i cant post into ur guest box thats y here. ur clocks idea is really gud. i got it for my website too. keep going...........