Friday, 28 May 2010


Why do some girls seem very insecure in a relationship?
This happened to me..
theres this girl I know who I wasn't all on friendly terms before this but we would occasionally talk . She never bothered me. I use to probably occasionally talk to her guy .. one day i get this call
guy: hey how u doing?
me: I'm pretty good
guy: are you busy?
guy: OK... this might sound weird but my girlfriend doesn't like you talking to me or messaging me? She would like it of you stopped!
me: oh man... this is soooooo funny
guy: yeah OK i know its funny but shes my girlfriend
me (only thinking not saying) : don't you have the balls to dump her if shes giving you so much shit?
guy: what? OK wtv I'm really sorry it has to be this way
sniff sniff
what a dysfunctional couple! hmmm well but it doesn't stop there...
dysfunctional couple bitch has to spread crazy rumours about me that I flirt with more than half the class population of guys when I am in a relationship.
So the answer to the question would probably be... some girls are just born dumb fucks!