Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The disaster show

The lights are full on. I'm standing centre stage. Alone. Silent.

One minute . Crowd jeers.

Two minutes. The kimono is fricking tight. I can't breathe in it . Crowd starts yelling "chandni chowk to china " , "chinki pinki ponki ", "move it...."

Three minutes . Music hasn't started yet I'm still standing , lights glaring so bad its hurting my eyes. I'm thinking what the fuck is going on? why isn't anything happening?

Four minutes- music finally starts.

OK so I'm moving ahead slowly... walking? rather drifting in the worst on stage nightmare.

Ya I think that's one of the best ways to describe it. The disaster show from hell. Or supposedly our fashion show. An inter batch competition every year in which this is one of the main events and always the grand finale of the week long cultural fest.

If there was any thing that could go wrong it did. Right from the organisation, preparation to synchronization on the ramp... It was utterly trash.

No matter how many times people say is every ones fault there are two people who we'd like to point the finger at . From being lazy, selfish, irritating, irresponsible and utterly disorganised in life these two could easily bag the best pull off of the most disorganised trashy show of the century.

So what went wrong?

Music- oh! ya... we're mixing tracks. Sounds so cool, but wait.. does this guy really know what he's talking about? And when we do ditch this dude on the last day cuz he came with the shittiest music ever which was supposedly "mixed" the only thing he did was put them one after the other. He tells us that iron maiden , mettalica is "classical" rock(wtf?!) Change the music change it before the show starts.

Props - we gonna have lots of life size props outta which people are gonna come out of and walk. Please... weird alien space ships and so called dragons (which looked like it belonged in the dump but found its way on stage) do not constitute props. And the person sitting on the last row of the Audi can so see two guys supporting the props when they aren't even part of the show.

Walk the ramp- So you can walk huh?

Doesn't look like it. No synchro, no waiting for your cue . Nothing .

Some people were so full of themselves that they messed up, some people were just really scared, some people wore pencil point heels and tripped on stage

. They walked on stage and gave each other bewildered looks like "whats next?"

Outfit bloopers- we had it all from the girls in skirts being a lil too short and low waist pants on guys with pubic hair exposure. Someone decided to get their face painted. It dripped on stage everywhere. YUCK!

Someones clothes tore and they bravely walked with that. All the way too.

Curtains closed at the wrong times and the MC couldn't find her way .

All in all it was one huge suck fest.

Better luck next time. Kudos to the wonderful job with the clothes guys sorry we couldn't live up to it.