Saturday, 26 April 2008

Exam trends

This post has been a product of my observations leading up to and during this recent exam... I noted slightly exaggerated trends of some of my peer. They are as follows-

  • Under eye circles due to lack of sleep become the new "in thing". Followed by skipping bath, food and reduced telephonic conversations with bf's.
  • Bed time habits change, some sleep for two to three hours a day. I once was the earliest to sleep before an exam one thirty. They looked at me for days after like I'd sinned.
  • some people start talking subjects... like once this female came up to me and goes like " your teddy bear seems to have some form of Cushings syndrome, the symptoms which are pot belly, moon face etc etc. I swear since then I haven't looked at my teddy in the same way and I'll never forget Cushings syndrome.
  • constant dropping off or dozing on your books. I do this pretty often and when someone asks me to go sleep on my bed I reply I was just recollecting something with my eyes closed.
  • If you can recite a chapter out of the text book word to word people start coming to you to explain the chapter to them cuz their too lazy to study themselves! The only time I knew a chapter from the textbook was contraceptives. I'd never read the chapter but people really didn't care, they asked me everything from the physiological basis of after pill to flavors of condoms. I felt like I was giving sex advice ...sheesh
  • the most common thing which can be observed is I'm so tensed am i gonna pass? When they so know they are. I reply " no you aren't, your teachers will curse you, your parents will throw you out of the house, no one will ever go out with you cuz they think your too dumb and finally all your friends will turn their back to you all cuz u flunked in one internal in your entire year"
  • common lines "will I pass?" , "how much you done studying?" "When did u sleep when did u wake up? "
  • When the power goes off before back up comes those few precious minutes tick by people start taking out their cellphones and start studying using the light from it going crap theres so much to do.

So I guess exams do tend to bring the best in us and the worst in us too....