Saturday, 9 February 2008

Leaving home

It's just so hard to get from fun mode to back to college mode. Very hard...
We realized this time that if we extended our holidays we'd feel worse when we got back plus the fact that my friend has a lot to organize when we're back. So when I text her to ask if our tickets were booked (we were on the waiting list till now) she replies saying "sadly they are , how I wish we could have stayed longer". So true. But tickets booked it just confirms the fact that we gotta go. No point postponing the inevitable. sigh...
So getting those bags packed and then we're back off to coll. The worst part about it is my mom crying. And my moms a really strong person and seeing her crying every time you say goodbye when you come down is well.. pretty disheartening.

These are probably the few things I miss about home
  • Dog licking me as soon as I get into the house
  • Music when I want it how I want it
  • the remote in my hand and sitting on my sofa
  • non oily chappatis
  • plain cold milk right out of the fridge in the night
  • my bathroom!!!
  • my warm bed with my nice pillow
  • no 6 30 curfew
  • sleeping into the morning
  • washing machine and drier
  • high speed internet
  • air conditioning!!!
  • neighboorhood sounds
the list is pretty endless so no point. Now I know what they mean by home sweet home. So true..

Monday, 4 February 2008

The relationship thing

One of the sad things about being single is after the initial few months you start hating almost every couple you see hand in hand together. Whether random people on the road or friends etc its annoying. Maybe this is a more pronounced thing when most of your friends are already hooked up you can only be happy that valentines day thankfully falls on a weekday this year.

The few things I've noticed is that whenever you step out of the corridors at mid night its not silence that greets you but a million low buzzing sounds of all those girls sitting and having mid night conversations with thier bf's. I have this one friend who just can't get off the phone. She probably even falls asleep with the phone. Wow...

The stupid things people do when they're in relationships like get you somes notes at mid night right at your doorstep or run away as soon as you spot friends seeing you with your girl on an empty beach or upper berth- train journey- one pm or jumping waves are like some of the absolutely hilarious stuff i've witnessed, kinda cute but still I ask myself was I ever this way? Did I ever have the whole "in love" expression? Did I ever have more fun then than I do now?

I dunno , don't seem to remember. Maybe I have amnesia.