Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The list

OK clearly due to demand this list has been put forth...

Warning: do not judge me by the stupidity in this post

  1. Play a guitar for my 'lover' by standing outside his balcony a la Romeo Juliet style except for the role reversal.

  2. get sloshed and stand on a rooftop singing "we wish u a merry Christmas and a happy new year" on a hot summer night.

  3. eat a dog biscuit

  4. sneak out of the house after every ones asleep and do something dumb

  5. repair something (it seems extremely challenging to me)

  6. bungee jumping (don't we all...)

  7. sneak dads car out of the house when hes not looking.

  8. go to Gokarna (ya we all know why)

  9. eat something french (not the snails tho yuck!)
  10. blue streaks
  11. go and shop for something i would probably never buy otherwise and actually wear it
  12. work harder academically ( I consider this a very challenging task)
  13. learn to drive a geared bike

So here's to the road ahead!