Thursday, 30 May 2013


Sipping brandy watching the clouds roll in over the mountains. Yup that's the end of summer. And that despicable heat.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The road of no return.

Creepy much? For a title I mean. But come on that's what it means after graduation right. You choose a path and you don't know what exactly is gonna happen to you along the way that except a huge monster might come on your way and eat you up (metaphorically speaking of course) . Most of us don't even know what we're getting into but can just hope that the outcome is just about right enough. I mean we got to try right?

Giving out sarcastic replies seems to be my forte this time for lack of knowing what to say more so to people when they ask me what my plans are now after graduation.
Hope the answer hits me soon in a few months and bumming around pays off.

Monday, 19 November 2012

You Ruined It

" A true friend stabs you in the front "  - Oscar Wilde

Now I really found that quote super bizare but it seems to make a lot more sense right now.
A friend of mine went through an incident recently which lead me to believe that no matter how good a person can be you will still find ways to ruin that precious thing you call a friendship. 

Now this scenario involved my friend and a girl who we"ll just call K for convenience sake.
To begin with most of us hate this person we call K. She abused the word called "friend" , took it for granted... poor suffering soul is now is each day closer to turning into a total psycho and being admitted into the nearest mental institution. Even after losing most her friends one friend , my friend still stood by her. The only friend who you would still call K a friend when everyone just wanted to call her the vilest words they could come up with.

Days passed. No one wanted anything to do with K. At least none of us did.

In a moment of weakness my friend did end up confessing a huge secret. K being the "loud mouthed, not caring about other peoples feelings"   kinda person she is went out of her way to tell the whole world something this friend had said to her in confidence.

Friend became wiser through the mistake. K became one friend short. 
Honey , when you have less friends you better stick on to them like super glue. Not act like a pricey bitch, cuz quite frankly you can't afford to.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Snag fixed

Oh yay! So I finally I do have access to my blog. This blog has too much sentimental value attached to it to let it go.

Watch this space for more posts, right now I'm pretty damn tired and would like to sleep all of it off early today. So since a lot of free time is coming at hand will keep this place a lil' more active than it previously was.

And thank you dear particular reader for coming up and reminding me about this blog...! You know that post that made this blog popular to people IRL.

Saturday, 29 September 2012


I seem to be having some problems with this blog... new url shall be created soon

Things do not seem like they always were.

Strangely so.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Bangalore Break

The past six months have definitely been a blurry time. A lot went down a lot going down. A lot of lessons learnt and as usual I should one day make a soap opera out of my life cuz the drama is soooo never ending.

Well after all that I can say I finally got to spend awhile in Bangalore after a long time.. and its been five years Bangalore has changed ALOT. From coming home to Bangalore for the holidays to just getting glimpses of it    through the years I've finally had the time to reconnect with old friends and the city I love and will always love no matter where I am at. There is seriously no place like home. No place like the fast paced lifestyle you were suddenly thrown away from or deprived of all these years.

People are right I do smile more in photos here than anywhere else. Happy at home.. sigh!

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Food Diary- Coastal Cuisine

So guys if you are really really starved and browsing through this blog I suggest you don't look any further at this blog post... some of the most tastiest stuff I've tried off late.

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream

Beef Steak with sunny side up

Butter garlic squid

Butter Garlic King Fish

Grilled Chicken in Mushroom sauce with sauteed vegetables and mashed potato

Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and cheese

Honey coated french fries

Masala fried king fish

Sera Dura

Shark Ambotik served with white rice

Masala fried Calamari

Mashed potatoes

Onion rings with garlic sauce

Prawn stuffed papad
Bon Apetit.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh so soon-ish?

So this is the second blog post I'm making in a week!
So yay  on that front!

I'm really not liking this new blogger interface. Thinking change is really not my thing any more and in that stage in life where I'm slowly starting to develop a sense of personal style (yes that took so long!)

Some one just recently reminded me of this blogs existence which made me remark "oh damn i totally forgot that blog existed!"

So now with rather the unfortunate yet somehow fortunate in its own ways twist of things I have suddenly found myself with a hell lot of time. While most of this time is literally spent in doing nothing I do however seem to have realised free time can be utilised well and have been doing so catching up on all that needs to be caught up on. Travel, reading, thinking, eating and most of all friends who I lost touch with after college and moving away from home. Reconnecting helped me realise that my friends have moved on done well married and one recently delivered a baby boy!

Eating however has not been very kind on the body! Not like it ever was. But I have constantly maintained a steady few pounds plus or minus here and there. But now I can hopefully I can revert from developing those love handles or the tyre's or whatever it is you call them.
Hopefully this blog will see more updates rather than my mundane rantings!

Till then cya all! 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


For those who don't know what that means its the fear of losing the cellphone.
And quite frankly off late much to the annoyance of the bf I've been constantly on my phone . Texting, whatsapping, tweeting, bbm and last but somehow the least fb-ing. There have been several times where he has taken the phone and hidden it and waited for me to hyperventilate and start searching for me phone.
But hey... I did finally admit I had a problem and moved on with it. Somehow it was the relationship or the phone. The relationship won ( or at least that's what he thinks!) .

But somehow that made me realise.. normal texting, whatsapp, bbm, fb, twitter... hmmmm so many forms of media all for what? To keep in touch with people who you would normally never keep in touch with otherwise.
As technology progresses we slowly seem to be coming a lot more closer than we were before. And yet i still find it hard to keep in touch with a lot of people.

Sigh...  now who reads blogs anymore anyways!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Lessons learned

So I'm sure a lot of you who know me personally were expecting something to come up here... Over the past few months I've even heard the whole- "Why don't you blog about that ?" phrase. Quite frankly... I dunno how to put certain things in words. Certain things are just better left unsaid .

I am thankful to all my friends... really pulled through all those times when things got really hard. Thanks for being there, checking on me to see if I'm OK when sometimes I don't think I needed to be taken care of that much but thanks anyways.
Thank you for staying up with me at 3 am in the morning and just listening when I know you had better things to do like sleep. And yes... for just being nice . It did make a huge difference.

For the stupid mistakes I made and the times I've hurt certain people all I can say is... I do apologize. I know that's not enough but that's what I'm gonna start on.

To relationships gone bad.. sometimes things are just not meant to be. Coming into terms with that is taking time to settle.

I'm still having trouble understanding people but I do try.. sometimes...