Saturday, 24 November 2007


When people ask you for your favorite pastimes and you say sleep does that immediately put you into the category of being the most boring person on this planet? I recently just realised that this is true. Some of the most boring people in the world openly declare that their favorite hobbies are sleeping.
Me for example.
Till date I would say that one of my favorite pastimes is sleeping(!). Initially it was just to bug people off. I never really liked the whole what your favorite hobbies, pastimes,interests etc... kinda gets lame cuz whenever you meet someone this is like the first thing they ask you . Can't blame them either... Their just trying to get to know you.. but still its something about that sorta gets me edgy all the time.
Later I did realise that I love to sleep be a lazy brat and ... snore away to glory. Come on you can't blame me either my sleep deprived schedule makes me crave for more sleep than the daily requirement for it in the end I sleep excessively.
I decided to change that and play a more active role in my life lol. By NOT NOT sleeping all the time. And not bore people to death with that dead look.
This whole thing sorta came about when a classmate told me on how emotionless,dead and pathetic I look. The fact that I'd been having a really bad week was a different story but still...
Sorta got me thinking about why I might be growing socially in adept , like a slow mental retardation taking over.
Its probably the water though.
We can fix that... I think.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The pink shock

I think that its high time I start writing about some serious stuff on my blog. I need to address this extremely serious and pressing issue. Its about the colour pink - ON MEN!!!
Last week I was calmly sitting and watching TV , flipping channels as usual. I come to this one show, one of those dance contests. All of a sudden out of no where - BANG! this guy dressed head to toe in pink turns up, not just any pink but SHOCKING PINK! I go like "eee look what he's wearing daddy"
My dad goes like "pink is like being accepted by men everywhere, its trendy!"
Noooooooooooooooo they took my dad too. Next everyone is gonna tell me that pink is the new black! Yuck!
I've asked most girls on their take on this controversial topic. 99% say pink on men is just sooooo gay! Its a total turn off.Purple is OK - OK but pink, no way.
Screw fashion magazines for showing metro sexual men wearing pink shirts, jerseys, ties... ugh the list is endless. I even came across an article which went by the name "only real men wear pink". Well I guess it really does take guts to put on something which can be a turn off to the opposite sex and walk around the streets like nothing happened.
I do manage to see quite a few guys on the road in pink. "cute guy, eeeww wtf is he wearing?"
I cringe at the sight of pink on guys. Especially the cute ones.. sigh.. what a waste!
For the betterment of mankind ... guys please ditch the pink!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Happy Diwali

I found people fall into three categories- those who just love to celebrate festivals would take pain staking efforts to make sure every thing is in order, those who just don't care and bother about what it is, just another day and then the third category- those people who are like stuck in between the extremes. The last ones me.
I've always sorta been stuck in between two opposite forces in my house an agnostic parent and a religious one. When a friend asks me "what plans for diwali?" I'm usually like probably go to a few places we're invited to, sweets , crackers etc.
But recently I just pondered about what is diwali to me and does it really mean something more to me? Festivals are usually that one time where everyone is always around. And I realised this is like the one time of the year where everyone s going to be under one roof eating, talking, laughing ,joking having fun! And recently I realised that Diwali really did mean a lot to me, because it brought everyone together to celebrate something.

So happy diwali everyone and a safe one too! Have fun!!!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

The interrogation

So the thing with me and my family is, we hardly talk on the phone when I'm at the hostel. Its always like its a timed talk. Dad or Mom asks
  • How are you?
  • Hows college?
  • How far have you gotten in your anatomy dissection?
Three usual and probably only questions they ask me, if anything extra is to be said the whole conversation lasts for 6 minutes tops.
Last time my dad came to visit me he met a couple of my friends. The first question he asks is not hows hostel, weather, food, anything... noooooo he asks them so you guys at the same dissection table?
Oh ya... sent alarm bells ringing in my friends head. They all thought he'd take an on spot viva right there. Yes my friends still do talk to me.
So when I was home this Diwali break I was asked

Dad: So do they give you pickle to eat in the mess?
me: ya they do
sis: what sports do you play?
mom: shes a medical student , she doesn't have time to play (grrrr...)
me: (ignores comment) ya I do occasionally play t.t or shuttle or something.
Dad:TT that's good... helps you become dexterous ,helps perform surgeries better.

a little while later, I dunno how this came up but dad asks :what do platlets do?
me:(crap , viva!!!) out of syllabus...

I swear i couldn't remember a word of that stuff when my dad asks me all these sudden questions. I do comparatively better in the vivas in college.At least I know what a platelet does---- it CLOTS! Fucking hell! Thank god I just come here twice a year or my self confidence levels would be non existent!
Sorta contradictory to my previous post, but my family is like this when it comes to academics.. I swear they're pretty normal otherwise.

Thursday, 1 November 2007


OK so this is revival blog operation! Yes my blog is not dead... I still exist thought some consider that since my blog hasn't been updated for so long , so that means I probably died in some freak accident or I just lost interest, i disappeared off the face of this earth...

BUT NO!!!!!


OK so the reason why my blog hasn't been updated for so long is cuz of a lot of chaos in my life, not to worry clearing the clutter right now.
So first things first, first sessional's done, unexpected things happened , but all for the better YEAY!

I'm single, oh ya... and quite frankly enjoying it. That ain't gonna change for a long time. Ithink I've had enough guy trouble in the past few months . (To all those who know what I'm talking about U guys must really be laughing your asses off at my expense, those hilarious situations I found myself in!)

Feels so good to be back home for the Diwali break. Parents pampering you, even my dogs giving me that extra attention I deserve . (Attention seeker ain't I!)

Good food, good company, good life, what more could i ask for.
If only life was eternally this blissful. I'm asking for too much ain't I...