Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oh so soon-ish?

So this is the second blog post I'm making in a week!
So yay  on that front!

I'm really not liking this new blogger interface. Thinking change is really not my thing any more and in that stage in life where I'm slowly starting to develop a sense of personal style (yes that took so long!)

Some one just recently reminded me of this blogs existence which made me remark "oh damn i totally forgot that blog existed!"

So now with rather the unfortunate yet somehow fortunate in its own ways twist of things I have suddenly found myself with a hell lot of time. While most of this time is literally spent in doing nothing I do however seem to have realised free time can be utilised well and have been doing so catching up on all that needs to be caught up on. Travel, reading, thinking, eating and most of all friends who I lost touch with after college and moving away from home. Reconnecting helped me realise that my friends have moved on done well married and one recently delivered a baby boy!

Eating however has not been very kind on the body! Not like it ever was. But I have constantly maintained a steady few pounds plus or minus here and there. But now I can hopefully I can revert from developing those love handles or the tyre's or whatever it is you call them.
Hopefully this blog will see more updates rather than my mundane rantings!

Till then cya all! 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


For those who don't know what that means its the fear of losing the cellphone.
And quite frankly off late much to the annoyance of the bf I've been constantly on my phone . Texting, whatsapping, tweeting, bbm and last but somehow the least fb-ing. There have been several times where he has taken the phone and hidden it and waited for me to hyperventilate and start searching for me phone.
But hey... I did finally admit I had a problem and moved on with it. Somehow it was the relationship or the phone. The relationship won ( or at least that's what he thinks!) .

But somehow that made me realise.. normal texting, whatsapp, bbm, fb, twitter... hmmmm so many forms of media all for what? To keep in touch with people who you would normally never keep in touch with otherwise.
As technology progresses we slowly seem to be coming a lot more closer than we were before. And yet i still find it hard to keep in touch with a lot of people.

Sigh...  now who reads blogs anymore anyways!