Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Its December 31st.
Sigh ... Another year down .

And how am i spending new years? Sober as ever with a path/micro/pharmac (or maybe forensic) textbook at hand staring blankly at the pages.

No parties, no plans no nothing. In a hostel with about five hundred girls and unable to do anything. Apart from that theres the regular what have u been studying u dunno anything at all line given by all the lecturers. Its like they were all programmed to say that as we struggle to comprehend what they say... neoplasia? metplasia? gangrene? cholecystectomy? streptococci? ipratropium bromide? inaba? ogawa?

... ya did i just start speaking a foreign language. Maybe.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Post 26/11

We all know about what happened on 26/11 and the aftermath of that.
So the question on most peoples minds is "so what next?".
Mumbai, Hyderabad , Delhi and now... Bangalore?
As thousands of people keep telling me the terror threat in Bangalore is quite large and we're sitting on a time bomb and dunno exactly when its gonna explode or hopefully very much just deactivate we just have to wonder so what are we really suppose to do?
Every ones going about their work normally but theres an increased awareness among people. Something makes a loud noise and we turn that way and sorta jump.
The area in which my college campus is situated is supposedly a very sensitive area where there are frequent riots and curfews.So the other day as we all drag ourselves down to the mess for breakfast and suddenly hear a BOOM and then flames everyone wakes up and rushes away from the window . Thankfully it was just some idiot who lit a fire with rubbish in it and something went off but hardly anyone went and sat near the window after that.

I just got back home to Bangalore today and my mom gives me a lecture about where not to go and what not to do. Do not enter malls and crowded areas. Be careful when going towards the majestic side etc etc. My mom happens to be slightly paranoid ( the understatement of the year).
Its affected all of us but are we handling this in the right way? Restricting our movements? Avoiding certain areas? And how long is this vigilance gonna last one two months at the max and then back to normal until something else happens?
Or can we prevent that?