Thursday, 30 August 2007

A tribute to my bitches

So this post as the name suggests is to my so oh close friends who i miss so much - nami, dc, keerthi, samu,ananya ... i so love u guys! I guess I didnt thank you guys very well.

Well not to sound gay or anything but you guys have been there with me for so long.

To Samu- talking to you on the phone the night i was not in my senses on the ride back home, cant believe you put up with me even when I was half gone and pretty rude. Also to the time I thought KK got arrested and wanted you to come with me to the police station. Ha ha you so stood by me... thank you.

To Nami- those rough times with Ann and magnetic effects( man we did study like crap that time) those light minutes where you made me feel so good about myself when I was feeling low.

Those bf talks, those exchange of ideas , debates, dancing till we dropped! lol.

To Ananya- purple haze, curls, late night chats, drama in every minute of our life! Whether it was jacking someone or just having pure fun, and of course the heart to hearts. Taught me a lot haven't you!

To dc- how would I have survive 12th without you! Your company is always cherished. And omg! those serious bitching sessions , rides back home, tuition, dhai batata puri etc

To keerthi- confessions! I probably confessed right about anything to you. 9th std and of course the usual bitching and ur puris and gobi manchuri were delicious!

Now as i sit in my room in the hostel you pics adorn my side and everyone who stops by asks me who you guys are and says the pics are damn funny! Thank you guys oh-so much for everything. Without you guys, I wouldn't be who I was...

Friday, 17 August 2007

White wash and hockey

So I'm sitting here today to escape from the stench of my white washed room . All my stuff is scattered around in my friends rooms. Three bags filled with junk, a mattress and god knows what else I've accumulated over the ages! Now I don't think I can get into that room for ages to come.
That would probably be the only highlight of my day. That and Independence day. My first Independence day at Mangalore (no significance).
We all woke up at 6 wore complete white and had to sing this patriotic song . After ten just got into a pair of jeans and fled to the city. Bharat mall... pretty decent even though its a bit smaller than forum, Bangalore. It was fifteen of us from hostel who were gonna watch a Sharukh Khan starer- chuck De India. Hearts filled with patriotism all of us went shouted cheers booed etc etc in the theatre. It didn't feel third rate at all.
Was so much fun and made the movie way better to watch!It was nice to let our hair down get out and get away from college, hostel ,anatomy,physiology and bio chem! That's what happens when a really large group have an outing together!
Kick ass fun!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

then now and later

Is silence a bad thing? Is the sudden feeling of emptiness inside you fill you with dread?
No I am not PMS-ing I am simply stating my current position right now.
The feeling of dread and at the same time sadness of leaving something behind. Looking at you future and wondering where its gonna take you, imbibing where you currently are- it seems so surreal. But unfortunately / fortunately- that's reality. We have to face it at some point of time. Starting all over again maybe refreshing but at the same time hard- getting into the daily grind. Ah well not so easy.
Sometimes I feel so lost that I just drift away from here to someplace else. Its like a trance. Until someone brings me back to reality. Relationships strained over distances, family stopped calling (this is not necessarily a bad thing!). They all seem so far away in a different dimension of my life even though everyone is a phone call away. So they do tell me whats going on in their lives, but it feels so vague that-almost untrue or rather far away. Its this psychological thing i guess...


Wednesday, 8 August 2007

week one

So its my first week here.
Its been one hell of one too. With late phonecalls with friends and sister this might actually be better for our relationship, with my sis I mean. whether its fighting on the phone or stuff like that its cool. We end up talking a lot when we haven't really done that for years- the last 11 years lol.Mom keeps worrying how im "coping" up etc etc
But I can say lifes been fun... Ha ha something my fiends envy about me and thier true fascination fills me with pride. lol. As they sit and complain about parents fight with siblings etc I'm internally laughing!
Sorry to the few friends who do read this blog... but since im venting out my feelings on this blog i thought id start with this... the major thing called independence..
Though I must say the privacy is zero.But then again going over to a friends room etc etc Laughing chit chatting lotsa fun!
Though i must say the weather is something to get use to.