Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The getaway

After walking along the promenade beach in Pondi all I wanna do now is have a house by the beach. Inspired by all the pretty houses there I wanna house by the beach cuz life seems so restful. And with breathtaking views of the Bay and the sun rising over it every morning what else could one ask for.
We went to pondi a few days back cuz all we wanted to do was get out ! At least that's what I wanted. That's what had kept me going for the past five weeks... I'm soon gonna be out of here!
Breakfasts at french restaurants and taking a map and discovering places by ourselves was just so much fun. And then there was shopping. Now I really get what they mean by shop till you drop!
Oh ya and how can I forget... booze is tax free! lol. people actually buy it wholesale!


tommorow I head back to class