Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Why guys sometimes make me feel so stupid

Ok.. guys are in ways better than girls. An age old argument where I always feel I have to stress the point that yesss girls are much better than guys.

Why? I really dunno ...

but these instances have led to people labeling me as a feminist .

Guys at times do make me feel stupid.
Sometimes they are a lot more logical, mostly always right about stuff and they don't take it to heart. Say the same thing to a guy and a girl and you get different responses.
My roommate and me got into a fight once and I just told her to go FUCK OFF!
the response- she didn't talk to me for more than a week.
I told a guy to just go FUCK OFF once. He just laughed at me. And we were talking the next day too.
Guys also seem good at giving advice ( most of the time)
Hey why did I never think about that?!
They also seem to be more direct and always insist I be more too. Which is true yet not always possible.

Oh ya almost every guy I have known so far is better than me at math. For instance the other day dude I forgot how to do math I even forgot what two plus two is...
Its four some guy whispered in my ear... ya i know its embarrassing lets not even talk about multiplication and step by step division.
BUT that doesn't mean that just cuz they can they have to join in when all the girls are playing basketball and show off by dunking the ball . That makes me feel so stupid! We know you guys are good... No need to show off and ruin our game!

Saturday, 16 January 2010


text message : hey everyone I'm back in Bangalore lets meet up!

and we did... Long time no see. So lots of stuff to catch up on right? right???


Order lunch... eat look at plate , talk a little more, small laugh eat more.. *forks clinking on plates*

Can we shift to a better venue???

Jimi's terrace, music , booze and people.
That seemed to lift every ones spirits up (no pun intended)
sitting down with a drink with friends and just talking about how life back 5 years ago was ... well it felt good!
Now I can go be happy again and not sulk around for a while or maybe that was just the booze talking! lol

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Something I just came across online