Thursday, 1 May 2008

The tag thing

5 things you wish you could say to people

  1. Im giving one my fakest of fake laughs can't you make out?

  2. That's the most pathetic shit I've ever heard (without making them feel bad)

  3. Pink shirts make you guys look so gay I'm to disgusted to even throw up on them

  4. It would make things a lot more easier if you guys tried to be yourselves sometimes

  5. Mom I flunked

8 things about me

  1. I can read anything apart from subject textbooks

  2. I love chocolate

  3. I like to sleep late into the day only if my roommate let me.

  4. I supposedly have an acid tongue

  5. I show sparks of intelligence which make people say " oh so you actually are smart?"

  6. I love my dog . If its between the guy an the dog its the dog.

  7. I'm extremely lazy sometimes and just refuse to get up saying my ass is glued to the chair. I was literally lifted and hauled out of the room once.

  8. I eat rice with two fingers , aloo bonda and fish fry with a spoon which has made me the recent butt of all jokes.

one way to win my heart

get me lots of chocolate ( no i will not share)

5 things things cross my mind a lot

  1. when do I get to go home

  2. food.. good food

  3. sleep

  4. murder plots to kill some of my lecturers

  5. when does class get done

one thing I wish I never did

slack off work

three turnoff's

  1. fake people

  2. guys in pink shirts

  3. dirty rooms

4 things I wanna do before I die

  1. travel the world
  2. drive a car at 200
  3. scuba diving
  4. buy a bmw

one confession

I like having assorted sets of notebooks(spiral bound, hard bound , soft bound etc etc) even tho I dunno what I'd ever do with them. I just love to collecting them.

I tag