Friday, 4 September 2009

When drunk

I asked a few of my friends "whats the craziest things you guys have done when your drunk?" I got some pretty funny answers

  • lie butt naked on the floor and made friends take pics

  • puke out a really expensive buffet

  • spent an entire night outside a friends house after being chased by cops

  • slapped a professor ( not too hard tho)

  • had unprotected sex

  • did butt rub dance with some girl at a club (she had a nice ass never saw her face)

  • dancing with a DJ at a party giving him a very hard time pulling girls to the dance floor, pulling their caps off and throwing it around or wearing them and displaying so very crazy tribal moves on the dance floor!

  • got totally trashed and came and gave a sem exam thankfully it was multiple choice

  • pissed on a hod's office door

  • put hand on counter and set it on fire

  • kissed not one but two girls (crazy drunk female whose bf forgave her since she was under the influence of intoxicating substances)