Friday, 8 June 2012

The Food Diary- Coastal Cuisine

So guys if you are really really starved and browsing through this blog I suggest you don't look any further at this blog post... some of the most tastiest stuff I've tried off late.

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream

Beef Steak with sunny side up

Butter garlic squid

Butter Garlic King Fish

Grilled Chicken in Mushroom sauce with sauteed vegetables and mashed potato

Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and cheese

Honey coated french fries

Masala fried king fish

Sera Dura

Shark Ambotik served with white rice

Masala fried Calamari

Mashed potatoes

Onion rings with garlic sauce

Prawn stuffed papad
Bon Apetit.