Saturday, 30 June 2007

loading ammo

Oh ya... one more month to go, I have no idea if I'm anxious or eager for this change all i know is there's no looking back just another month to go! And thanks to a certain somebody who I was chatting with on msn today morning i realized that fact.
Well I finally made a list and finally started shopping. It must sound like some sorta great expedition to the Himalayas , and exaggerated hundredfold, cuz i guess this is a huge leap for me. As I said , never been away from home and family for a prolonged period of time and the last time i travelled without family, i got food poisoned! ( An incident in Ooty worth remembering!) .
So as I was saying, made this huge list of all the stuff I'll need, ranging from portable iron to hankies, to nail polish remover to stapler pins!
So we set out to get this stuff, my mom, a shopaholic who knows every inch of commercial street and the best of stuff in these gullies there ( shoppers secret- you always find the nicer things in the gullies of commercial street than the main road and get the best bargains there).
So we got a lot of junk jewelery. I just cant stop collecting them! So as we explored further and got more stuff. We were in one of these gullies and getting something called as a pico done to the clothes. It was a narrow gully with predominantly of Muslim/parsi tailor shops and on this wall was a poster of none other than Saddam Hussein. Inconspicuous as it may have been, at that moment when I noticed it , it seemed strange in this particular setting. Long gone is this tyrant, but his impression still remains even in the narrow gullies in commercial street.
We moved on, picked up our clothes and set off for Bhagat ram, very famous for their sweets especially gulab jamuns which i learned to love because of the way they make it.
Today we plan raid my grand moms cupboards for some necessities like towels and bedsheets etc, shes got an entire store which saves us the trouble of going and shopping for some.
My social calender right about now looks full, with so many people in town all of a sudden sigh...
So off i have to set out again.
In a way, I wish this would all be over, I guess now you might know what i mean by eagerly and anxiously!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

diet coke won't help

"Nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet"
-Nora Ephron

Rather than the strict diet I intended to follow, I've ate six bars of Cadbury milk chocolate, chips, ice cream and I feel bloated up and out of proportion right about now!
Damn all that high calorie junk food! Its not like I'm following an Atkins diet or something (low carbs , low proteins). Just trying to minimize on my fat intake. I don't need to drastically cut down weight, but I feel as though I'm on th tendency of gaining weight, and i have to admit I'm a huge couch potato, doesn't show ( i wonder why). So unless I actually get some to exercise, i'll have yen in one pocket and pesos in the other.
Now as I type this out my guilt strikes me, how procrastinating can i be? Damn!
My goal this summer was to tone my body , and become lean etc. Looks like I've been trying to do the opposite! After my recent sick spell i haven't really tried to work out much.
I do take my dog out for walk but that guy just doesn't like to exercise, which presents another major problem!As soon as we take him two hundred metres from home he starts panting and tries to either just stop walking or drags you back home.
My daily routine isn't helping either, which currently includes waking up, breakfast, TV, surf the web, check mail, reading a novel, treadmill, dozing off for a while... the rest gets too bring to explain. So by the end of July I hope to accomplish my goals , all of them which revolve under losing weight/keeping lean.

Monday, 25 June 2007


  • They say its not as bad as they say it is.
  • It's spreading like wildflowers.
  • We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it.
  • Don't count your chickens before they cross the road.
  • You gotta take the sour with the bitter.
  • Gentlemen, include me out.
  • I'll give you a definite maybe.
  • I can answer in two words,im-possible.
  • Avoid cliches like the plague.
  • A verbal contract isn't worth the paper its written on.
  • Its more than magnificent, its mediocre .
  • Throw out all the old files but be sure and make a copy of everything before getting rid of it.
  • Directors are always biting the hand that lays the golden egg.
  • What we need is a story which starts with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax.
  • Do you want me to put my head in a moose?
  • Never let the bastard back into my office again-unless I need him.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

college, hostel and all that!

OK well, so I'm going to coll this year after all ( i dunno why i added after all but still).
I'm going to college in Mangalore, five and a half years over there after I've spent practically my entire life in Bangalore!
Well to start of with , its gonna be an entirely different setting, the whole med school atmosphere, friends, the weather ( its always warm and humid and raining most of the year there). Then there will be the whole course load which I've heard is a bitch! Gulp.
I heard at times hostel food makes you depressed, and there are times when you would feel crappy by looking at what your eating. But on the more positive side I'm gonna be 18! Time to face the world from my pampered lifestyle at home and life there teaches you a lot of valuable lessons.The guy at the admissions office thought i was meek and small , looked like a kid for my age that's what he said and was like "you sure u can handle life in a hostel?"
I said "yes" in the most confident way possible, then he said" we'll see, you sound so confident now but lets see if you get use to it"
I wanted to ask him "do i have a choice?" Well that's another gulp!
So we're going to see the hostels like a couple of days before college starts and figure out the room arrangements and stuff.
Back in Bangalore when i broke the news to friends , family etc i got a lot of mixed reactions.
Most of my friends were like ".... oh u gonna live away from home , why couldn't you try to get into some college here in Bangalore?"
Some were like "... we're gonna miss you so much so when u giving a farewell party?" ( Ya right!)
Others were like "so how many days left for college to begin..... omg! hardly a month , we gotta start hanging out more often!"

Haven't started shopping as of yet, not even made a list , but I'm sure on the first thing on my list would be baygon cockroach spray. You see I'm so scared of cockroaches that I'm planning to take a couple of bottles of it and exterminate my entire room before moving in. Added to that all the numerous other bug sprays and mosquito repellents!
Planning to go to comm street sometime and but new clothes and stuff , always wanted kholapuri chappals, dunno why but seem to like them even though they don't have any purpose whatsoever.
Other than that at present just hanging out with my friends and collecting and sending all my numerous documents! Such a pain...
And of course enjoying my last few days as a free bird before college literally devours me!

Friday, 15 June 2007

nothings happened

If only my life had a lot more masala in it, maybe this blog would perk up a bit, but then i wouldn't be blogging would I , caught up with all the drama ?
Updates on my rather mundane life might include-
  • Pluto is getting better (yay!). Although he refuses to take a tablet , (I really wouldn't blame him, they taste horrible!) we still tricked him into eating it . He's alright, he's even up to his usual antics, which include grabbing a shoe and running off, bringing his leash and following you around the house until you take him out for a walk, etc
  • I've become sick! Yes its cough, cold ,fever etc Its forced me to sit at home and think of alternative ways of entertaining myself. Which include reading, sleeping, TV and talking to my dog. He really listens (or so I'd like to believe!) .
  • My intensive room cleaning has come to a halt recently since yours truly has been sick. Though I have finished vacuuming a major part of my room.
  • I have managed to read most of the books I had planned to read in the holidays, and even more! Didn't really find much time this year unfortunately.
  • Working on my six pack , no seriously not kidding.. will start off again the moment i attain full recovery!
  • Counselling around the corner! Anxious rather than eager, you may never know what to expect....

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I wanna hula hoop!!!

I know it sounds corny, but I just want to go back and be a kid again! No college to worry about, no admissions etc, just the next day of school, some crappy homework where they teach you whats abc and tell you to add one and one.
I want to go back, and as it may seem , I'm shrugging of responsibilities ,being immature and cant face situations. I just want to go back to those really carefree days,roller-blading, hula hooping, playing on the jungle gym and having that sensation when you swing really high and just jump into the sand below. That feeling when your in mid air for split seconds and it feels like your flying and then you land on your bottom doesn't hurt, cuz its just sand!
I want to go back to those days of playing hide and seek, stuck in the mud and all those stupid things we would play. Somersaulting and Marco polo in the water,having stupid races etc.
If only I could go back to those days of just idling around and the only thing to worry was curfews and homework and trying to not get caught in the act of doing something mischievous.
Time just flies, days, weeks, months, years, decades and soon i'll be eighty watching my grandkids so the same(if i have any that is).

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday morning

Today I awake, the beginning of a new week. I sit on my bed, and think, is it morning already? Seems like I haven't slept in a long time. I wonder how this week would be, hoping that it wouldnt be as bad as last week.
The aromas from the kitchen come and hit me. Its the sunday special. Chicken curry, fish fry, capsicum bajji or something mouth watering.Cant wait for lunch. I go out, my dog looks clean and matted. He just had a bath. He sits there and sunbathes, to dry himself off.
The church bells ring its nine o'clock. I make myself some breakfast-toast,with jam on one side butter on th other, pre-packaged juice out of the refrigerator. This is my usual routine on a sunday.
Usually I sit and read the newspaper or a book or something, sleep sometimes.walk my dog and my sundays are days with the least amount of activity. Days i just laze around.
Caught up with a few friends , an old classmate who was very adamant that long distance relationships don't work out and how it would be very difficult. Another one who wanted to do something different in life after he finished college.
These things are things that I wonder about. Whether its long distance relationships working out,being different, in the end things happen the way they were meant to happen and they happen for a reason and maybe we can to a certain extent influence our destiny and future, but not entirely and that at some point you'll just have to let go and let whatever happen .. just happen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

tough decisions

Currently on the verge of making some tough decisions in life and i'm only 17.
My mind is in this utter state of confusion and turmoil.I have no idea about what i should choose over what and why I should do so. This hopeless situation is taking most of my precious time which i would have rather used to just sit and stare at nothing in particular, listen to those tiny noises which you would only observe if u weren't as preoccupied. In short , now instead of just idling my time im actually reduced to think about my future. And my 17 yr old slightly immature mind may make a decision I might regret for the rest of my life!
My choices are really simple straight forward choose between two streams. One of which I have no idea about and whether I would be good at it ie commerce and the other being a subject specifically biology (dentistry) which i've been comfortable all my life. Seems simple I probably would have gone with choice two , I really would have. But we're talking about dentistry here. I can never imagine myself sticking my hand into somebodies mouth (ugh!). Kinda grossed out by that fact but still its an option. Close family flooding me with opinions, do commerce! do commerce! while my dad is of the opinion that i should play to my strengths and hes all for dentistry. Great career options in the future he says. Of course both have great career options. It depends on the person and the way he can cope up with the different stress levels which comes with the job description and of course talent and a natural flair for it.
After weighing the pro's and cons for both over and over again, talking to people wondering about whether what im doing is the right thing.... im still back to where I started . I'm still confused. Its just me, i'm always indecisive, hesitate till the last minute, and of course overly cautious.Just have to think about it . And since I have a lot of free time and I can sacrifice some days of idling sigh I'll have to sit and think it through. After all , my career and the next 50 years are at stake ( sorry for the melodrama, its just me). But as they say kesara sara- whatever will be will be.
Any suggestions are welcome, feel free.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

The inheritance of loss

This is one of those books you have to pick up in your spare time and read. Deeper meaning underlies the story, which everyone of us can very much relate to. I would recommend this book. An easy read but gets you thinking about your principles and how you can relate to these characters.

Friday, 1 June 2007


Well, I was looking for something to change in my life and was wondering what that could be. Thinking and thinking I finally thought, my hair! It was just too long , wild and tangly ( exaggeration intended). I always complained about my hair either it was too short , too long ,too bouncy, too shiny, too dull, too smelly , too un-smelly or just not perfect to be precise.
I decided that i was going to cut my hair short( not too short) get a small fringe ( not too in ur face). So the day finally arrived. I went and got my hair cut, sat on the chair. I remember as a kid I had this tiny hesitance when i went to get my hair cut. Its like animals are scared or nervous when u stand directly behind them and do something, I too was a bit insecure when something happened on my backside. I would get this tingling felling every time i heard the sound chop chop chop. It was that sound which creeped me out. But this time due to the double mirrors, mental maturity(after all shes only gonna cut my hair! lol) I felt quite alright.
So she began chopping my hair, chop chop snip snip. And I endured.... ahhh!!!
Final result.. my hair was pretty short. Shorter than imagined but it was better that the untangly jungle i had every morning when i woke up. And it would grow a bit in no time.
The only downside. Is that my hair gets into my eyes too often sniff...