Thursday, 7 August 2008

How the holidays just start sucking

Exams are almost always followed by holidays. These holidays gives you time to rejuvenate ,recreate and repent writing those exams.
Holidays also gives you the time to do those things you wouldn't be able to do on normal working days like take up a class or go out somewhere nice etc.
I remember during the last few days of my exam I was always planning how I'm gonna spend my one month worth of holidays. But as soon as they started I realised things sometimes don't work out the way they were suppose to and even if they did you end up getting bored in a couple of days anyways.
So whats the whole point of having holidays when your gonna end up getting bored with it anyways? And probably spend most of your time online or staring at the TV watching a re run of some old show you've watched five billion times.
The only thing I've probably been doing in the holidays would be classes particularly driving classes - release clutch , depress accelerator, 1st gear , neutral , 2nd gear. Yup. Meeting up with a couple of friends and watching TV. So what if I haven't watched TV for almost a year this overload is not good anyways!
Anyways if anyone has good ideas about how to spend free time please please please help me out.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sulthan battery

Didn't know where to chuck these here they are...

one of the most beautiful places in Mangalore

Saturday, 2 August 2008

one year @ med school

One year at med school:

  • She thought the guy sitting on the opposite side of the lecture hall was a snob and a smart ass at the beginning of the year. They ended up going out.

  • Dead bodies are freaky, but after you start seeing them almost everyday during dissection you kinda get use to them around when your discussing movie plans for the weekend or playing truth or dare and pictionary.

  • every open window in lab is a ray of opportunity to jump out and run after attendance is taken.
  • no matter how much you try not to touch the formalin you always end up touching it

  • white coats never stay white.
  • You probably only learn how to insult after you hear teachers " you think you'll PASS? The only thing you'll pass is urine" , "go to the exam and pass urine". " You are PATHETIC! absolutely PATHETIC"
  • lingo change - legs feel like ants crawling all over it after sitting down for a long time to its a sciatic nerve compression.

  • sleep is a luxury students just can't afford.

  • people just can't stop talking about passing.

  • no one ever studies for the last exam. the fact that its a last exam is distracting.

But its over... at least for the next six months.