Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rewind back

So the New year approaches. That usual talk about new year resolutions. Damn I wonder.. is it even worth making this time? I mean whats the point? As one of my friends put it new year resolutions are meant to be broken. So the whole point of making them is for ... (fun? lack of alternative options? the heck of it?)
So I started thinking what it was about this year that made it so special-
rewind back

  • admissions
  • new friends they've brought about a hell load of fun with them... i have never been so not bored in my life!
  • new place,new coll
  • my first taste of the hostel life
  • new experiences
  • high suspense drama ( OK I exaggerated on that one ) But ya I've seen stuff out of a soap opera played in my life. I never thought stuff like this would ever happen in reality and least of all in mine, guess I was wrong wrong wrong.
So the key word there was basically NEW and damn this year has just run by so fast. I still remember last new years eve. The quiet one alone at home. How fun was that? lol. Had to give my dog company on new years eve ( I know , its suppose to be the other way round).Party or no party new years eve is rather depressing for me, one year down what have I really done this year? Sorta gets to me at times, what a waste and why ain't I even bothering to do something about that.
Unlike some people I don't have exams in the first week of Jan.
It starts mid Jan , crap! The towering portions, difficult topics... oh ya I'm gonna get majorly fucked!

Friday, 21 December 2007

the lesson so far

She walks away head held up high, arrogance all around her, over confidence as some teacher put it later.
As she did the one thing that went through my head was these are the kind of people I need to keep away from for the rest of my college life. The over achievers who make me feel more insignificant than i already am. Later would i discover they were a whole breed of people like this. It was orientation day, first day of college we were just getting to know each other. Looking at our class, the people who I would be spending the next five and a half years. New place , new people. I felt like everyone else unsure, a bit scared, wondering whats gonna happen next. But this chick wow she comes and talks to me as though shes been doing this forever. I was a tad bit annoyed. How can anyone be like that?
Weeks rolled by we really did get to know each other or thought we did at least. For the first few weeks everyone was wondering what the other person was doing and assessing them accordingly. Who really did open the fresh printed textbooks first, who was loud who was not, who had attitude, who didn't. I listened to some of this most of it just curiosity with these new people and their behavior habits.
This chick seemed the topic of conversation all the time. Her weird habits, the way she made a couple of people feel terrible. Etc etc etc. Then it got personal. She said something which sorta struck a chord.
My roommates didn't say anything I didn't really get what she was trying to say and there was an uncomfortable pause. She walks off.
My roommates looked at me for five secs and then one of them was like "you really didn't give it back to her did you?"
That was it...
Whenever we saw each other it would always be this verbal lashing peppered in a really sweet way. Then she delivered this killer line " you know , we're gonna be in the same batch and same class for the next five and half years!"
Fuck! She was so right.
We had an exam the next day. Both me and her were stuck with the same tough experiment.
We fudged.... yup. Its like 2 hours just brought us together after weeks of bitterness.
Its hard to explain what happened it probably went something like this- we both wanted the marks. It was as though nothing happened.
After that we started talking , i respected her peculiarities she sorta came into terms with mine.
You can't really call us best friends, but you can't call us people who have bitterness between them. We're working on it. Feels good.
The lesson so far-Time changes things so drastically sometimes, who would even imagine...