Saturday, 15 September 2007

The ghat

2:03 I wake up with a start. Why the hell had the bus stopped? My friend sitting next to the window pointed out that the driver was like gonna drive us almost off the cliff. crap! We wouldn't even have known even since we were sleeping. Death would have come in my sleep, however fitful that was.
Then the bus started rolling backwards... OK so we were going back to Mangalore- right where we came from. crap!
Finally after a lot of unsuccessful ignition start ups they finally gave up and asked us to hitchhike rides! At two in the morning! hardly anything stopped. In front of me stood the road ,behind me the cliff with a sheer drop. The fog was starting to thicken and the only light coming was the light from the bus. The valley below was not even visible , the fog was closing in on our small group of abandoned passengers. Spooky.The buses that came by would hardly bother to stop.
After quite a while of waiting something came around the bend. With its glaring light we assumed it was only another bus which would not stop. But stop it did.... Mercifully!
An ac bus with like seats which had no bed bugs . Our previous one had quite a few which kept us itching into the night. Definitely god sent!
And yes i reached home safe!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

my first surgical cut.

Let laughter cease and comfort flee,
this is the place where death enlightens to educate the living.

This is probably the first thing that catches your attention as you walk into out anatomy dissection lab. Yes we finally had dissection today, yes I finally dissected a cadaver today. After like a month of waiting YES YES YES!!! So we enter our lab today white coats, dissection kit, a lab manual. We hurry to get a good seat near the bodies. Our first glimpse at the full length of the body. The smell of formalin in the air. Sorta makes you sick.
We finally sit down and the teacher comes explains to us how we use a scalpel ,forceps and etc etc, procedures, and what exactly we're suppose to be dissecting.
She asks us who's ready to start dissection first, nearly everyone jump at that. Cant blame us for being a little over enthu on the fact that this is the first time we've come to something this close that was one human walking talking and even breathing like us.
So each of us start dissecting. I feel a little too sick. I guess it was the formalin. At least three of them fainted and another threw up. But over all was a good experience.
As I come out I text my dad explaining to him what i dissected and his reply went something like this- welcome to the real world of being a med student!