Sunday, 26 October 2008

Turning twenty

A few nights ago a couple of my friends were hanging around my room when my roommate goes like shit I'm gonna turn twenty in a couple of months and went into this melodramatic explanation about how she was getting old and she hasn't done much in her twenty odd years of life.Two decades of life down.. sigh its like a turning point on life!
We each contemplated and realised that neither have we. We haven't done crazy extremely wacky stuff that we can just picture ourselves doing them. We sat talking about our future and about how once were done with college these will be the major chunk of our good memories and we need to make them special.
My roommate also pointed out that we don't have much time. Since most of us are turning twenty soon or so she believes. So we made a list. Each of the seven of us made a list on what we need to do before were twenty we even cut out an old shoebox and started collecting funds on monthly basis we christened it ' for extremely crazy messed up shit before turning twenty fund'. I was made the treasurer and hence the box resides in my room and whenever people keep coming to my room for stuff they look at it and laugh. We know that years from now even when we look back at this we were gonna laugh our asses off too. Till then were pretty damn serious were gonna pull this off...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The syndrome

They say that once you start your clinical postings and learning about so many different things in the hospital ninety percent of the medical students feel they have some sort of problem or deadly disease. Manifestations include being overtly paranoid about everything, seeing all sorts of micro organisms around you with your microscopic vision, using complicated medical talk to tell other people about your deathly psychotic sickness. Basically its all in the head
The other day we had OPD (out patient department) where patients come during certain set hours to be sen the other day. My batch mates and I were standing "observing" the doctors do their thing. Finally a batch mate of ours walks in and goes straight over to the patients side instead of joining us. So we started our "observing". Patient complains of "periorbital oedema" I'll spare you guys from the explanation but truth was we really couldn't see any "oedema" in the "periorbital" region at all. But she swears it was there yesterday night. LOL.

This classical example demonstrates why medical students should not be subjected to so much studying, the adverse effects are such as the above probably even worse!
A serious issue which needs some considerations at least. Before we start self medicating our selves and killing ourselves