Friday, 28 March 2008


A recent phone conversation with my friend made me realise that a lots changed in such a short expanse of time. Aren't we all striving towards becoming better individuals than what we were? We can't all just stagnate over time can we?
We were just talking about close friends and how we've been all changing... constantly. I've lost touch with a lot of them and was shocked at some of the stuff my friend was telling me about. Like the fact that I missed out on this wedding of one of my friends back home which made me realise that crap! shes got a husband I don't even have a boyfriend! Then theres the transformation of one of my friends underwent like this radical makeover minus plastic surgery supposedly I won't even be able to recognise her. From this total tomboyish look to this total chic look . Sneakers were replaced by 6 inch heels, from talks about brands like Nike and Adidas to L'oreal over Maybellene even her taste in guys has supposedly changed. Then there was this one friend who's gone into total depression and is currently on anti depressants. I still feel really shitty sometimes when i think about this considering we were pretty close at one point of time.

I use to think only girls complained about how fat they've become but this guy I know keeps complaining about his weight when hes actually become super skinny. lots of guys who started wildly experimenting with their hair and some really painful piercings (ouch!).
Then there was my friend who was on the other end who became a lot more artsy, a facet of her personality I've never seen.
I asked her about what she thought about me. She said " You know... I've always seen you make right descions and fast ones too but now you seem to be totally and utterly... confused"

Monday, 17 March 2008

Hows life?

Sunday morning
10:30 am
I'm still fast asleep
beep beep
With one eye open I try to find my phone. Its lying there somewhere on that table. Groping around for it and I finally do find it.

Text message : Hey , hows life?

Normally hardly any of us would think twice before replying to this. A friend who hasn't messaged in a while outta slight curiosity to know what you've been up to messages and asks "hows life?" Depending on how close this friend is I would use my discretion on how much information to give him/ her. But at that point of time I just stared at it for a while. I must have looked really weird at that moment with my hair all over the place in the morning, my blanket still on me in this awkward sit up position staring at my cell phone screen . My roommate walks in at that point and goes "you alright???"

"huh , ya just woke up"

After sitting up in a better position ,still staring at my screen I ask myself. So hows life?

Good? great?slow ? fast? bad? sad? terrible?sweet? spicy? icy? ... (the last part was cuz my stomach was growling.) But jokes apart how many of us can really answer that?

How is life? At that point of time I could say its relatively OK.. slightly on the boring side but otherwise I really dunno.

So I hit reply

"Life's... cool!!"
Cool = I don't really know what to reply to that so I replace it with the most ambiguous word that could possibly mean anything at this minute.
Sigh... I've got a lot to learn.