Friday, 29 July 2011

How to separate the wannabe attention seekers from the rest of the crowd

You know those few people out there in the crowd who pretend to be something they really aren't-pretentious little pricks ...
Yeah well I do actually sympathise.. their efforts may work out initially but we all know whats going to happen to you in a few weeks to months. You get shooed over to the side and no one really gives a fuck about you. People bitch about you as soon as you leave the table or the circle of discussion.So what is it that makes these attention seekers so special
  • trying to talk in that sweet little baby voice which you think people really find cute... but you know its actually pretty retarded so retarded in fact that I think i puked thrice each time i see you trying to pull it off..
  • Facebook- you seem to put your entire life out there on facebook.. every single status update to the if only I could and it looked glamorous enough I would put pictures of myself going to the bathroom up on facebook for you guys all to like and comment on.
  • Bathroom display pictures... try to get the perfect shot of yourself by clicking from a gazillion different angles just to get the right lighting and effect
  • the pretentious accent... we know you can't pull it off... and its not like you've ever been out of the country so why do you even try! seriously! But i love the way you pronounce things in your fake accent wrong.. esp when you get corrected by someone!
  • I need to talk to all the people I hate.. and be extra nice and chirpy to them *kiss ass*
  • If I ever need to get laid all I need to do is step into a party at a club - of course darling.. that's why they call you a slut but I get it if you think its cool (not)
  • Getting super wasted at parties and then pretending the next day that you have a"capacity" you can never get drunk. So I'm presuming it wasn't you puking in the bathroom then? Evil twin scenario??? Nice touch.. how stupid do you think we are?
  • all your stuff is fake.. don't pretend they have tags. Who you trying to fool?
  • buy some better deodorant... you think people with sensitive noses can't make out the cheap from the not?
I'm sure all of us have come across the kind of people that make up the attention whores of the world and to those who are i sincerely hope that something falls to place in your life so you don't have to continue choosing this path (lmao)